Dubinskyi speaks out about the head of the NBU: we need to discuss the imprisonment of Smolyi, not his resignation

MP Aleksandr Dubinskyi reported a large-scale scheme of the National Bank of Ukraine, with the help of which billions of UAH disappear from the state budget, and also said that Chairman Yakov Smolyi should be put behind bars. The MP told about it during the political show "The Right to Power" on the 1 + 1 TV channel.

“We should not discuss the resignation of Smolyi, but his imprisonment. It was under his management that the dollar to hryvnia exchange rate was decreased at the level from UAH 30 to UAH 25 per USD 1. Moreover, all the planned indicators, including customs, for budget revenues were calculated based on the level of UAH 30 per USD 1. As a result, due to speculative actions of Smolyi, foreign bonds were bought for money of foreign speculators at colossal rates of up to 17% per annum, the National Bank lowered the dollar exchange rate from UAH 30 to UAH 25,” Dubinsky said.

And it happened only due to an erroneous forecast and the work of the head of the NBU. “Thus, we get minus UAH 7 billion of budget revenues while a budget loss at customs is UAH 43 billion. In total - the loss of UAH 50 billion - this is only the result of the work of Smolyi and his policy to reduce inflation. A large-scale fraud has taken place,” Aleksandr Dubinskyi believes.

He explained that the pair rate is 6% and refinancing is at 6%, additionally, the bonds of the domestic state loan of Ukraine bring 12% per year. “One of the largest banks in the country - Alfa-Bank [with Russian owners’ equity] is the largest recipient of refinancing of the National Bank at 6%, while it buys bonds and receives 12%. Thus, 6% of the profit is obtained with the help of the National Bank’s funding. This money is stolen from the state budget and withdrawn to private banks,” Dubinskyi emphasizes.

It is important to remember that the NBU Chairman Yakov Smolyi filed an application of resignation on July 1, and today, July 3, it will be scrutinized by the Parliament of Ukraine.

As Dubinsky.pro has reported before, Soros minions’ media have been actively spreading misinformation that the resignation of Smolyi will provoke imbalances in Ukrainian finances and devaluation of the hryvnia to UAH 30-50-100 / USD 1. However, these statements have no real basis.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for the site dubinsky.pro