Dubinskyi demands tax cuts for businesses and explained how to restore the economy


The state should save small and medium-sized businesses from inspections, reduce the tax burden and allow them to work properly, MP Aleksandr Dubinskyi said on the NewsOne channel.

“As long as attacks on business are systematically carried out by law enforcement agencies, tax services, state consumer services, labor inspectorates, and other structures, there will not be any easing of working conditions for business,” he said.

There is no systematic approach to business support in Ukraine. The adoption of disparate laws, which are subsequently not implemented, does not allow solving the deep problems in the economy. The country's GDP is decreasing, the purchasing power of the population - the main consumer of small and medium-sized businesses - is declining. As a result, companies close down, stop paying taxes, and, accordingly, worsen the economy even more.

According to Aleksandr Dubinskyi, to support small businesses now, it is necessary to abolish the military tax, reduce VAT and abolish social fund contributions. What is more important is to implement a program of systematic support for enterprises. Take a comprehensive approach to the restoration of the country's economy.

There should be professionals in government ministries and departments who understand the main problems and know how to solve them. That is not there now.

For example, Andrei Pavlovsky, who was recently appointed as the interim chairman of the State Customs Service, and who is the right hand of Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko, did not work at customs for a day before being approved. And now in the SCS, he plays the role of a figurehead - a henchman, signing documents on the appointment of overseers [from Kaletnik] who work for the wallets of particular individuals, instead of filling up the state budget.

I do not think there is any connection between filling up the budget and supporting small businesses. One of the mechanisms for filling up the budget is tax cuts,” Dubinskyi emphasizes.

The latest appointments from the Cabinet of Ministers prove the further expected dismissal of Prime Minister Denis Shmygal. Ministers try to set their people in responsible posts as soon as possible (in the State Tax Service, State Customs Service, etc.) in order to ensure that their wallets are full before the resignations.

According to Dubinskyi, the composition of the government will be completely changed or renewed by the time of the local elections.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for dubinsky.pro