The deputy chairman of the National Bank declared millions of income and a UAH 18.5 thousand apartment

The average salary of the Deputy Chairman of the National Bank for Monetary Policy Dmitry Sologub amounted to UAH 308.4 thousand per month in 2019. He stated this in his annual declaration to the NACP. His annual salary at the NBU is UAH 3.7 million.

Sologub additionally declared the following income:

• UAH 227.7 thousand - interest on deposits in Raiffeisen Bank Aval;

• UAH 105.7 thousand - pension contributions to the National Non-Governmental Pension Fund of the National Bank;

• UAH 60.2 thousand - investment income from the mentioned non-state pension fund of the NBU;

• UAH 2 thousand - income from medical insurance;

• UAH 2.7 thousand - per diem during business trips from the NBU.

In total, he earned UAH 4.1 million of assets.

The family of the deputy chairman of the National Bank owns several large apartments and parking spaces:

• a148 sq.m apartment in Kyiv which he bought for UAH 4.7 million in 2018;

• a102 sq.m. apartment in Kyiv acquired in 2001. The declaration indicates its value at the price of UAH 18.5 thousand, although it is an obvious fact that such housing prices did not exist even at the rate of UAH 5/USD 1. Therefore, the information has to be checked by the NACP.

• a17 sq.m parking place in Kyiv bought for UAH 261.5 thousand

Sologubov has two cars:

• Mazda 6 2009 release, acquired for UAH 230 thousand in 2010;

• Toyota Corolla 2005 release, declared for UAH 20 thousand.

The family of Dmitry Sologub has substantial cash assets as well as deposits in the bank accounts:

• UAH 4.1 million;

• $ 58.1 thousand

• € 418.

Accounts were opened in five banks:

• Raiffeisen Bank Aval;

• Oschadbank;

• ProCreditbank;

• Alfa Bank;

• OTP Bank.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for the site